a simple pair of trousies for the wanderer

Some of you have written to me asking about trousie patterns for those of us who have more padded bones. Now that I resemble Pooh Bear more than Tigger, I prefer not to draw attention to the wobbly bits (unless I am in jeans and on horseback), and have been experimenting with pants that do not cling.

Given that shapes and sizes vary so widely, I don’t think it’s worth me pursuing having these made up…far better, I think, to share the ideas with you and get your feedback on them!

These are pants that are designed to allow the wearer to commune with nature in areas where there is little shelter (they would have been very useful when travelling in India!), and like the German children’s trousies of the past which featured a “schnellenhosenboden” (fast-pants-bottom) they unbutton between the legs.

Make them in something soft...

I'm calling them wanderpants, not to be confused with ‘wonderpants’ (a supercomfy Australian brand of undies, of which I have at least nine pairs).

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